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Gas Mixtures

The following Mixtures are available from ASG. For other "Custom Blends" not listed here, please contact us for price and availability.

The following Gases are packaged and delivered in various size cylinders and Purity:

  • Ammonia Mixtures
  • Calibration Mixtures
  • Chlorine Mixtures
  • Diborane Mixtures
  • Germane Mixtures
  • Halocarbon Mixtures
  • Hydrogen Chloride Mixtures
  • Inert Gas Mixtures
  • Laser Mixtures
  • NF3 Mixtures
  • Nitric Oxide Mixtures
  • Nitrogen Dioxide Mixtures
  • Phosphine Mixtures
  • Rare Gas Mixtures
  • Refrigerant Mixtures
  • Sulfur Dioxide Mixtures